The legal issues related to family relationships are all part of family law. In Wheat Ridge, Colorado, family law concerns are not limited to divorce and other legal issues related to the end of a marriage. It may also involve conflict associated with unmarried couples or parents, paternity and even domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a growing family law problem in Colorado and the rest of the nation. While this issue is often known as spousal abuse, domestic abuse may take many forms, including emotional abuse, financial abuse and dating violence. But another kind of domestic violence is rising and threatening many individuals. According to several experts, domestic abuse now includes the use of advanced technology such as the Internet, computer software and smartphones. This high tech form of domestic abuse includes incidents where the abuser uses technology to control their partner. One woman experienced such abuse from her former boyfriend. She said that he frequently called her and sent her threatening messages. The boyfriend's behavior struck fear in the woman and it took several months before she realized that she was a victim of digital domestic violence.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline pointed out that they have received complaints involving an abuser that used high-tech surveillance. There are even people who suffer from their partner's constant supervision of their social media posts. In some cases, the abuser creates another account with fake identification in order to talk with the victim as a stranger. The perpetrator then accuses the victim of flirting or cheating.

It is sad to say that the very same medium that connects many people worldwide is being utilized to commit domestic violence. Fortunately, there are options - such as a restraining order - that may prevent an abuser from attacking the victim. This order of protection would prohibit an individual from harassing the victim by any method.

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