Jefferson, Colorado, sports enthusiasts probably watched how National Basketball Association player Paul George dominated the court this season. Now, the Indiana Pacers forward is set to take his act to, not the basketball court, but a family court, after being hit with a paternity lawsuit by a former lover.

According to a report, a stripper named Daniela Rajic filed a paternity suit against the NBA All-Star in a Manhattan Family Court. The 24-year-old claimed that she gave birth to George's daughter last May. Based on a source, the stripper and the player had a short-lived relationship last year. They were no longer together when the woman got pregnant. Rajic moved to New York and is now a full-time mother.

A representative for the NBA pro issued a statement that indicated that if court proceedings verify the child is indeed George's, the player will accept responsibilities as the baby's biological father. He also said that he will provide financial support as well as emotional support. The legal proceedings are said to be amicable thus far. Despite the 24-year-old's claim that she has already administered a paternity test, the court will most likely require a DNA test.

Paternity claims involving NBA stars are no longer uncommon. As both former and current couples have children out of wedlock, the need to establish paternity has become more important, not just for the parents, but for the best interests of the child. A father who wishes to spend more time with his child may want to initiate a paternity test himself, which could result in shared parenting time.

Paternity, thus, is more than simply giving child support; it is about giving a parent and his child a chance to have a caring relationship. However, Jefferson, Colorado fathers should realize that paternity fraud is also a cause for concern. Fathers who want guidance regarding paternity and family law issues should consider consulting with a legal advocate.

Source: Fox Sports, "Report: Ex-stripper hits Paul George with paternity suit," May 28, 2014