Going through a divorce can be a painful experience, and it might be even more emotional for parents who need to resolve child custody issues. For divorcing parents in Jefferson, Colorado, child custody means that time spent with their children will be reduced. One parent will be named the custodial parent for the child. Often, parents arguing about child custody issues feel resentment and anger towards one another.

Resolving child custody issues should not be centered on deciding the parent who gets the child in the divorce. It should be about the collective effort of both parents in raising the child, regardless of divorce. While an amicable divorce might seem like an impossible dream, parents should always put their children first in every decision concerning child custody. An amicable divorce is always possible, if both parents make the best interests of the child the focus of their divorce.

According to sources, some parents do choose to build a co-parenting relationship with their ex-spouses for the sake of their children. Both parents attend and spend time with the child during birthdays, together with friends and families. The child can also enjoy a camping trip with both parents without arguments or fighting. This kind of scenario shows that even though both parents remain separated, they can cooperate and communicate with one another, if they set aside the pain and focus on raising the child equally and effectively. Colorado parents may be able to put their children's best interests first as well.

Allocation of parental responsibilities and the child's well-being are taken into account when making child custody decisions during divorce. The Colorado court encourages divorcing parents to share parental responsibilities and duties with their ex-spouses to limit the negative effects of divorce on children.

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