When a conversation turns to the subject of family law, most people assume divorce is the basic issue. In Colorado and every other state, however, the real issue of concern is family relationships, a subject that includes divorce but also involves related issues such as child custody, child support, adoption and domestic partnerships.

When family relationships break down, conflict is common, especially when legal issues arise. Fortunately, our team is experienced with a wide variety of family law issues, giving us an edge in handling such matters dispassionately and respectfully.

Our firm handles more than the legal processes involved with any of these issues. This means, for example, that we may be able to prevent divorce by getting couples into appropriate counseling and perhaps saving a marriage. If divorce is unavoidable, we can make sure we protect your interests from the time you file for divorce papers to the time you start your new life.

Family law also addresses most issues that unmarried couples might have. For couples with children, for example, child custody, visitation rights and child support become important legal issues to be addressed. We can assist unmarried parents in protecting their rights when it comes to their children. If you are an unmarried father, we can make sure you know about state laws that govern your visitation rights and the time you can spend with your child as well as resolve child support issues. If your child is going to be adopted by the spouse of your ex, we can make sure your parental rights are also addressed.

Limiting conflict is what matters to us when we handle family law issues. After all, you will still have relationships with family members even after any family law dispute is resolved. For further information, our family law website can provide you with details.