For parents, either married or divorced, the hardest moment in their lives may be the day they part with their children. Parents know that divorce dissolves their marital status and may put their relationship with their children in jeopardy, depending on the results of the child custody process. Our firm can help prevent a breakdown in the parent-child relationship that may result from divorce.

In general, the child custody process identifies which parent is fit and stable enough to be the custodial parent with whom the child will live and be responsible for providing primary care for the child. On the other hand, the non-custodial parent obtains visitation rights to spend time with the child.

However, the custody process is not as simple as that. Different factors affect the choice and should be considered carefully, particularly if both parents want to preserve their relationships with their children. Our team wholeheartedly understands how difficult it is for the parent and the child to endure the child custody process. However, we may provide effective ways to reduce stress so that the parent-child relationship during and after divorce will actually improve.

Usually, divorcing parents want sole custody of their children. In such instances, we can explain the benefits of sole custody and if this designation would help in a given situation. Just because a parent seeks sole custody does not mean that the court will instantly grant that request. The court always bases a child custody decision on the best interests of the child, which would require a review of how sole custody would benefit those interests. The information provided on our website may be helpful to parents who want to weigh their options during the legal process.