Many Colorado residents assume that the primary care that many mothers provide is enough for a child. It may sound ideal because many women are comfortable being affectionate and vocal. However, fathers are no different from mothers when it comes to their ability to care for their child, which is sometimes overlooked during a child custody and visitation rights dispute.

Our firm believes that fathers are just as capable as mothers of raising their children successfully. Unfortunately, there are situations where fathers are deprived of their parental rights. Many people, including the fathers themselves, think their main role in the lives of their children is to pay for their children's basic necessities, including healthcare coverage. The job of a father is not limited to paying child support; fathers also have parental rights that they can exercise.

In the event of a divorce or separation, the father can be granted visitation rights so that he can spend time with his children, provided that paternity is proved. If paternity has not been established yet, we can help fathers to establish their paternity, either by a court ordered DNA test or by acknowledging a paternity agreement. Our legal team may assist fathers in negotiating with the mother to acknowledge the father's legal relationship with the child. In the event of a child custody dispute, which is usually favorable to the mother, we can demonstrate in court that the father's involvement with the child is good for the child.

Although there are many concerns and issues associated with divorced or unmarried fathers, they have the right to be involved in their children's lives, take care of their children and make memories with them. For further inquiries regarding fathers' rights, disputes and cases, feel free to visit our webpage.