Despite the negative connotations associated with divorce, it ultimately is the start a new beginning for both parents and children. For some parents in Jefferson, Colorado, new beginnings means new environments where they can rebuild their life and leave behind the heartbreak of a failed marriage. However, when one parent decides to relocate with the child, that move will have a substantial impact on child custody.

Child custody is not resolved when the court awards custody to one of the parents. This family law issue continues as both parents strive with their parenting duties, rights and obligations towards the child. Even after child custody is settled, complicated issues may arise that can create conflicts between spouses. One issue would be relocation. Most custodial parents think that moving away to a new environment is beneficial for their children's transition during a divorce. However, relocation is a sensitive topic to the non-custodial parent. For a parent who lives apart from the child, relocation means little access to visitation and parenting time. It also prevents them from maintaining their relationship with their children.

Our firm understands your dilemma when it comes to relocation. However, we can provide you the necessary information on this topic. Our firm's child custody page can help you deal with this situation without creating a conflict that can jeopardize your parental rights and child's safety. For starters, the custodial parent cannot relocate without your consent. Colorado implemented child custody relocation laws that set specific guidelines for this issue.

From the moment a Colorado parent receives a notice about the relocation plan of the custodial parent, we are here to assist you with your needs to protect your parental rights. The court determines several factors when it comes to relocation. Factors like notice, consent, distance and good faith burden of proof may be used to help our clients obtain a favorable outcome in the case.