Adopting a child can be the most important experience in a person's life. Child adoption enables parents who cannot conceive naturally to bring a child to their lives and make a family. Adoption provides a child a family to laugh with, share memories with and lean on in times of trouble. However, a parent who wants to adopt may have to undergo many procedures. The actual adoption process of adoption may pose considerable challenges to both the adoptive parents and child. However, our firm is very confident that those obstacles can be overcome.

Our Jefferson, Colorado-based law firm has witnessed first-hand the different types of struggles that adoptive parents face to legally adopt a child. Adoption is never a simple process but our firm's experience provides parents the required knowledge and information regarding adoption so they may prepare for all the challenges ahead. Adoption is a process whereby a person assumes the parenting of another, and in so doing, permanently assumes all parental rights and responsibilities, along with filiations as provided by the biological parent or legal parents of the child.

Different regulations and laws apply to child adoption in the United States. Adoptive parents also have various options, ranging from independent adoption, adopting a child through an adoption agency and international adoption. Our firm may guide parents in choosing the best type of adoption suitable for their situations. We may also help them meet certain requirements needed as stipulated by their chosen option, such as residency requirements, age restrictions and other qualifications.

Any form of family law issue related to a child always considers the best interests of the child. Making things right for children and providing them the benefits of adoption is our firm's commitment. We can ensure that the whole adoption process is advantage for both adoptive parent and child.