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or elsewhere throughout the United States understand divorce is a complex process. Among the topics to be addressed are property division. If children are involved, child custody, visitation rights and child support also need to be addressed. If a divorce case involves a high divorce, such as the recent split of hedge fund billionaire Kenneth Griffin and ex-wife Anne Dias Griffin, who is seeking $1 million dollars in monthly alimony and child support for her and her three children.

Dias Griffin initially claimed that she needed that amount to maintain her "status quo" while married, but those initial efforts failed to gain any traction. She now says she needs them partially for child support, as she has three nannies to take care of the three children.

According to court filings, some of the expenses Dias Griffin requires is $300,000 monthly for a private jet, $160,000 for monthly vacation accommodations, $60,000 for office space and to pay for her professional staff, $2,000 in stationary, $7,200 in dining as well as an additional $6,800 in groceries. Kenneth Griffin claims these "exorbitant expenses" are for her extravagant lifestyle, and not for child support as she claims.

As with any divorce and alimony battles, things can get ugly. And, when they involve high-asset divorces, they can get especially messy. When involved in any type of divorce dispute, it is important to have a strong representation in court. The other side will have representation, and it may be wise for you to do the same.

Source: CNN, "This billionaire's wife wants $1 million a month after divorce," Jillian Eugenios, Feb. 27, 2015