A new bill, named the 50/50 parenting bill, is currently moving through state legislation in Colorado to allow equal parenting of children for mothers and fathers in Colorado. The purpose is to recognize parental rights as fundamental rights, and to give both parents equality following a divorce. While this is being praised by some as putting a spotlight on the importance of parenting for children, it has raised some red flags for others.

Opponents claim that the bill may leave some children vulnerable and susceptible to violence if a child is allowed to spend time with an abusive parent. At least one opponent of the bill sent a letter to lawmakers urging them to reconsider and vote down the bill, which thus far has received bi-partisan support in both the Colorado House and Senate.

A spokesperson for the Colorado Coalition against Domestic Violence also believes that this law could be harmful to children, saying that it is confusing and does not address the "best interest of the child", a mantra used throughout the United States as the primary goal in the decision-making process for child custody cases. A public hearing has been scheduled later in the week to address and discuss the law.

As child custody laws continue to evolve throughout the United States, it is important to be informed and educated if you are going through a divorce. Understanding the law is crucial, and having the support and representation from a family law professional may be helpful in achieve a favorable outcome when it comes to child custody cases.

Source: kdvr.com, "Bill would give parents going through divorce equal time with their kids", Chris Jose, Apr. 14, 2015