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July 2017 Archives

Wheat Ridge Child Custody | Relocating Outside Jefferson County

girl-1163407_640.jpgThrough the Jefferson County divorce process, child custody and parenting time are decided and enforceable by a judge's order. But, sometimes, unexpected situations arise. This can definitely be the case when it comes to a move. Even though your parenting time is laid out in the child custody agreement, a change in location to a new state will need to be addressed in Jefferson County District Court. This is known as a child custody relocation.

Modify or Change a Divorce Agreement in Jefferson County

wedding-rings-1379793_640.jpgOften when people are getting a divorce in Wheat Ridge, it is their first time going through the process. Just like with anything new, there is a learning curve to marriage dissolutions as well. There will be new legal terms you never heard before, documents you have to fill out just right, and decisions to be made that can affect the rest of your life. If you have gone through a divorce previously, the process will be easier because you will know what to expect. If you haven't, you may find that after a while, you will want to change or modify your divorce decree or agreement. This is actually a very common occurrence in Jefferson County courts. Sometimes, couples will go back in front of the judge 4 or 5 times to get post-decree amendments, changing terms of the divorce related to parenting time, child support, or alimony.

Can Contempt from a Divorce Dispute Land Me in Jail?

handcuffs-2202224_640.jpgFox 31 Denver recently wrote a piece about divorce in Jefferson County and across Colorado. The story noted the serious consequences that can result from breaking the terms of a divorce or child custody agreement. Often referred to as 'no bail jail,' a Jefferson County Judge can find a person in Contempt of Court for not following an ordered agreement. Generally, one party makes the Court aware of the infraction by filing a Contempt of Court motion and a hearing is set requiring both parties be present. During the hearing, the judge will hear arguments from both sides, and make a determination on whether the party is, in fact, in contempt and what the punitive sanction will be.

Wheat Ridge Premarital Agreements: What are Social Media Prenups?

twitter-292994_640.jpgI recently read an article about 'celebrity' Rob Kardashian and allegations of revenge porn that brought up a conversation about social media prenups. So, let's look at what a social media prenup is and how it differs from the usual prenuptial agreement. Remember, an experienced Wheat Ridge Divorce and Family Law Attorney can lead you through all the different premarital agreement options and topics in order to make sure your prenups protects you fully. Prenuptial agreements are also called antenuptial agreements and premarital agreements.

Divorce and Ending a Wheat Ridge Common Law Marriage

hand-83079_640.jpgBecause common law marriages are recognized in Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County, we are often contacted with questions about how common law marriages are ended legally. According to Colorado law, there is no process specific to ending a common law marriage. Instead, the parties involved would need to file for divorce, just like a traditionally married couple. Some think that because they are not traditionally married in the first place, they should not have to worry about severing the relationship legally, but when property, finances and children are involved, this is not always the best idea.

A Good Wheat Ridge Divorce Attorney - How Do I Find One?

hand-427504_640.pngChoosing to get a divorce in Wheat Ridge can be one of the most difficult decisions a person can make. During this emotionally charged time, you want to make sure you have the right divorce attorney because the decisions you make today will affect you and your family for years to come.

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