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August 2017 Archives

Wheat Ridge Child Custody Attorney | Child Family Investigator in a Jefferson County Child Custody Case

pexels-photo-530024.jpegJust like mediator can be helpful in working through contested issues in a Wheat Ridge divorce, the Jefferson County Court may appoint a Child Family Investigator (CFI) to be an impartial third party whose job is to investigate the best interest of the children. Because legal custody and parenting time issues can be emotionally charged, the court looks to the CFI to present a fuller, non-biased picture of the situation. Whether you are dealing with a specific child custody hearing, or handling parenting time issues as a part of a divorce, a Child Family Investigator may become a part of your case.

Wheat Ridge Family Law Attorney | Voluntary vs. Involuntary Relinquishment of Parental Rights

pexels-photo-236164 (1).jpegWe often get questions regarding relinquishment of parental rights in Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County. Questions like, "What if I am being asked to relinquish my parental rights?" or "How do I ask my child's biological parent to relinquish their parental rights?" Often relating to an adoption, relinquishing parental rights can be done in two ways: voluntarily or involuntarily. Let's take a closer look at these two types of parental right relinquishments.

Wheat Ridge Divorce and Child Custody Lawyer | Settle My Jefferson County Family Law Case or Go to Trial?

club-2492011_640.jpgFamily law cases dealing with divorce or child custody in Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County are always emotional and sometimes contentious. There are major decisions that need to be made - decisions that will affect you and your children's lives. Often, clients feel that they have an extremely strong case of getting their desired outcome on a contested dissolution of marriage issue or parenting plan point. However, handing over the decision to a Jefferson County judge is always a gamble. You have to remember that a divorce court judge will look at both parties' arguments, evidence and testimony, and the law before making a decision. You may think the outcome is certain, but there is always a chance the judge will rule differently.

False Allegations in a Wheat Ridge Child Custody or Divorce Case

pointing-1991215_640.jpgDuring a Wheat Ridge or Jefferson County divorce or child custody case, the most harmful and devastating allegations that can be brought up are those of abuse. Often, lies are told about domestic violence or child abuse in order for one party to get the parenting plan and child custody they want. These allegations are usually made evident after an emergency motion is filed to restrict parenting time or after a restraining order is filed. Now, don't get me wrong - I know and have seen the effects that true abuse can have on a person. I fully believe that there should be protections in place to keep both adults and children safe. But, I have also seen the other side where the allegations made are untruthful and the effects it can have on the accused as well as on the children. The hard part is proving these allegations to be false.

Wheat Ridge Divorce and Financial Disclosures Attorney | What is Included in a Financial Disclosure Required in a Marriage Dissolution?

calculator-385506_640.jpgOne of the most important steps in a Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County divorce is the financial disclosures required from both parties. While it may seem tedious to have to disclose every financial aspect of financial your life, the financial disclosures are extremely important. You want to make sure you have an expert Wheat Ridge divorce lawyer to not only walk you through every step of the process, but also to make sure that your ex is providing all the correct information as well. It's a complicated part of the divorce proceedings, so it is best to have someone who knows what they are doing lead you through it.

Wheat Ridge Parenting Time and Child Custody Lawyer | Do Both My Kids Have to be on the Same Parenting Plan Schedule?

day-planner-828611_640.jpgOften in Wheat Ridge divorce and child custody cases, there are multiple children involved. When parenting time and schedules are decided, it may feel like you have no choice but to agree to a one size fits all schedule for all your children. This is absolutely not the case. Your parenting time schedules can vary depending on the specific needs of each child. While it is always preferable to keep the sibling together as much as possible, your children do not need to be treated as a single entity when putting together a parenting plan.

Temporary Orders vs. Final Orders in a Wheat Ridge Divorce

gavel-568417_640.jpgThere are generally three stages to any Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County divorce process: Initial Status Conference, Temporary Orders Hearing, and Final Orders Hearing. This blog's focus is on the difference between the temporary orders hearing and the permanent orders hearing, both set in front of a Jefferson County District Court judge.

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