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November 2018 Archives

Jefferson County Divorce Attorney | Divorce After Retirement - Is My Pension Safe?

matthew-bennett-425573-unsplash.jpgFor those in Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County who are close to retirement or already retired and getting a divorce, a concern that often arises is a pension or retirement benefits. For many couples, the pension or retirement account was accumulated and earned during the marriage, so it can be a part of the divorce settlement. In order for a 401k, IRA, or other retirement account to be divided, one spouse must specifically request a share during the divorce process. This can occur even if the other party has not yet retired and is not collecting any benefits. If one party requests a portion of the retirement benefits, then a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is necessary.

Jefferson County Divorce Attorney | Your Social Life After a Divorce

Thumbnail image for helena-lopes-459331-unsplash.jpgOften, after a couple gets married in Jefferson County, their social lives become intertwined, which means after a divorce both parties are left wondering what that means for their friendships. It is likely that the end of your marriage will affect the relationships you have with others. You will have to test the waters and begin to rebuild a meaningful social life away from your marriage. Let's look at some tips for approaching this change in your life.

Jefferson County Child Custody Attorney | Tips for Working with Your Ex on Raising Your Children

ben-white-302160-unsplash.jpgEven when a couple has a relatively amicable divorce and child custody agreement, it does not mean that co-parenting will be a walk in the park. There will definitely be baggage that makes it more difficult to get along. Often there are power struggles, where both parents want to be the one making the decisions and they don't want to give up any control. This is a possibility you need to prepare for if you are getting divorced. Here are some tips on how to manage these situations, so you can be the best co-parent for your children.

Surviving the Holiday Season After a Divorce | Tips from a Wheat Ridge Divorce Lawyer

tyler-delgado-497539-unsplash.jpgWith Thanksgiving just days away and then Christmas and Hanukkah shortly thereafter, those going through a divorce or recently divorced often feel the added stress related to the holiday season, especially if you have kids. Questions will arise surrounding scheduling and where you will spend the holiday season and with who. Here are some tips for getting through the holiday season gracefully and hopefully with less stress.

Jefferson County Divorce Attorney | Am I Responsible for My Spouse's Debt After a Divorce?

oliur-745347-unsplash.jpgExcept for matter relating to the children, asset and debt division is usually the most difficult part of a Wheat Ridge or Arvada divorce. The more assets or debts you and your spouse have, the more challenging this task can be. Usually everyone expects that the marital property will have to be divided, but debt is sometimes a surprising aspect that people forget they have to deal with.

Arvada Divorce Lawyer | Collecting Your Personal Items from the Family Home

erol-ahmed-48243-unsplash.jpgOne of the most common sources of tension during a Wheat Ridge or Arvada divorce is splitting property and assets. Often, this includes personal property - things one party feels they should be able to keep in the family home while the other party may feel it's their right to take it. If one party leave the residence, it often becomes difficult for them to then take anything they left behind. While these items are usually relatively inexpensive - they can sometimes be the reason for major delays in the divorce proceedings, which will likely cost you money. Let's look at some ways to address the retrieval of personal items, without making it a contentious issue.

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