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January 2019 Archives

Golden Divorce Attorney | Talking to Your Children About Your Jefferson County Divorce

ben-white-194220-unsplash.jpgDivorce in Golden and Jefferson County means significant life changes, not only for you and your former spouse, but also for your children. It's easy to get caught up in the process, focusing on everything that needs to be done. It's important that during this transition and going forward, you have discussions with your children about divorce and how these changes are going to affect their lives. Your kids' feelings and emotional well-being should be of the highest priority. Not addressing this life event can have a negative impact on them, which no one wants.

Arvada Divorce Attorney | The Role Social Media May Play in Your Divorce

freestocks-org-484218-unsplash.jpgSocial media and divorce often go hand in hand in Arvada, Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County. I'm sure you've heard the saying, "If it didn't get posted on social media, did it really happen?" and that seems to be a very common mentality in today's world. People want to let everyone know exactly where they are, what they are doing, and what they are feeling. This need to share can sometimes bite people in the butt when it comes to a divorce case. In fact, more and more often social media is being brought into divorce cases as evidence or proof to refute claims made by the other side. With this in mind, it is very important to be mindful of what you are posting when you are going through a divorce.

Wheat Ridge Prenuptial Agreement Attorney | Tips for Talking to Your Partner about a Pre-Nup

antonio-dicaterina-532294-unsplash.jpgPrenuptial agreements or pre-nups can be a very hard topic to bring up, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't bring it up to avoid an uncomfortable conversation. Prenuptial agreements have many benefits, to both parties actually, but they seem to have a bad rap. There is an assumption that when you ask for a prenup, you don't have faith that the marriage will work out. This is why you need to be strategic when bringing up the idea to get your future spouse on board because you can't force anyone to sign a prenuptial agreement.

Wheat Ridge Divorce and Child Custody Lawyer | Is Mediation a Good Option for Your Situation?

Thumbnail image for benjamin-child-17946-unsplash.jpgMediation is a common term you will hear during a family law case, like a divorce or child custody case in Wheat Ridge, Arvada, or Golden. You may be wondering if your situation is conducive for mediation - will it be a financially smart decision or just a waste of money during an already expensive process? Let's look at some different aspects of cases that may make help you make that decision.

Golden Child Custody Attorney | Re-Establishing Your Parenting Time After a Long Time Away

tim-mossholder-74832-unsplash.jpgIt's no secret that it is beneficial for children to have both parents in their lives. This is why the Jefferson County Court prefers to share parental responsibilities and parenting time in Child Custody cases - because it is generally in the best interest of the child. Unfortunately, there are situations where one parent is absent from their child's life for a significant amount of time. Sometimes, it's because of bad choices (i.e. criminal behavior, drug use, etc.) and sometimes it's because of parental alienation and bad mouthing that made you back off from spending time with your kids. Regardless of the reasons why, it is possible to connect with your kids again and re-establish your child custody agreement and parenting time.

Jefferson County Prenuptial Agreement Attorney | 5 Reasons You Need a Pre-Nup!

jose-aragones-741646-unsplash.jpgGetting married in Jefferson County means you are entering into a binding contract, which is a big decision. While it's not fun to think about the what-ifs, it's important to have all your ducks in a row to make sure you are protected no matter what situation you find yourself in. This is where a prenuptial agreement comes into place. Some feel guilty even considering asking about a pre-nup, worrying that their partner will think they are planning for the marriage not to work or that they are having second thoughts. But, honestly, a prenuptial agreement is an added layer of protection for both parties and if you can remove the emotionality behind it, it's a smart legal move.

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