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Remarriage and Child Support - Will Getting Remarried Affect Child Support Payments in Wheat Ridge?

couple-1246304_640.jpgAfter Wheat Ridge parents choose to split up, either through a divorce, legal separation, or a break-up, you likely have a court order regarding child support. Different than with alimony or spousal maintenance payment, remarriage will not likely change your child support situation. Whether you are the custodial parent receiving the child support payments or the non-custodial parent making the payments, the responsibility to your children remains the same. Unless the Jefferson County Court is presented with significant new information, the child support order will remain in effect until your children are adults, regardless of who else enters your life.

Wheat Ridge Child Support Attorney | A Change in Income Can Modify Child Support

calculator-3242872_640.jpgRecently, pop singer Britney Spears and her ex-husband Kevin Federline have been going back and forth over child support renegotiations. Apparently, Kevin Federline, who has legal and physical custody of their two kids, has requested yearly income documentation and tax returns to evaluate if there is a need for a child support modification. Basically, it seems that dad knows mom is making more money, so he feels his kids should get a part of that. In Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County, it is not uncommon for one party to request a child support modification. Let's look at the process and how a modification could affect you.

Wheat Ridge Child Support Lawyer: How Child Support is Calculated

wallet-2383496_640.jpgIf you and your spouse are getting a divorce in Wheat Ridge and have children together, then child support will likely be a major part of your divorce agreement. The amount of child support a Jefferson County judge requires you to pay, may not remain the same as your kids grow older. Likely, you will face several trips to family court as your children grow up and expenses related to raising them changes. While it may be tempting to work out an informal agreement with your former spouse, especially if the divorce is amicable, this is not something we recommend. It is better to have a court ordered agreement, which is enforced by the court, because then the court can hold all parties accountable.

Wheat Ridge Child Support Attorney | How is Child Support Enforced in Jefferson County?

wallet-1010601_640.jpgWhether you are on the receiving end of a Jefferson County child support order or you are required to pay Child Support, it's important you understand how child support orders are enforced in Wheat Ridge, Arvada, and Mountainview. When child support is ordered, it is assumed that the parent will pay as required. However, when someone fails to make their payments as ordered, there are laws set to enforce child support.

Wheat Ridge Divorce and Child Support Attorney | Your Child's College Education and Expenses: Who Pays?

graduation-907565_640.jpgIn Wheat Ridge, Jefferson County, and across Colorado, child support payments are mandatory after a divorce where children are involved. However, we often get questions about financial responsibilities when the child is no longer a child and turns 19. Current child support law requires that child support payments be made until the child is 19 years old. But, just because someone turns 19, doesn't mean that the financial responsibilities are over. Often, after graduating high school, a child chooses to attend college for a higher education. But, who is responsible for paying for this education if child support is no longer required? Let's see what the Colorado law says.

Wheat Ridge Child Support Attorney | Child Support Add-Ons in Jefferson County

pexels-photo-433636.jpegIn Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County, a noncustodial parent is required to pay child support to the custodial parent for any child under 19, still attending high school, or disabled. Child support is calculated based on a formula that uses more than just a parent's income to determine the amount necessary. These additional factors are called add-ons. Let's look at the list of these add-ons and all the factors in play when determining the amount of child support a person must pay.

Wheat Ridge Child Support Attorney | What is Retroactive Child Support in Jefferson County?

dollar-15283_640.jpgWhile not very common, there are circumstances in Wheat Ridge, Arvada and across Jefferson County where a judge may order retroactive child support after it is specifically requested. Retroactive child support means a parent will be required to pay child support to cover a time when no child support order existed. The purpose is to either pay unpaid past child support or to pay the support payments that were needed before the court entered a child support order. One party must file a request for retroactive child support in order for the judge to consider ordering the other party to pay.

Wheat Ridge Family Law Attorney | Can Child Support Be Waived?

hammer-719066_640.jpgWhen it comes to child support in Wheat Ridge, Arvada, and Lakewood, there is a complicated formula the Jefferson County Court uses to determine whether one parent owes child support to another during a divorce, annulment, or legal separation. The calculation is based on the income of each parent, relevant costs associated with child care, health insurance, and other important expenses. The general idea behind child support is that both parents should be financially responsible for their children - the burden should not fall on one parent alone.

Wheat Ridge Child Support Attorney | How Much Child Support Will I Pay?

money-2180338_640.jpgOften, a point of contention in a Wheat Ridge, Arvada, and Lakewood co-parenting situation is child support. One parent feels they are paying too much or another feels they are not getting enough money to support the children. How does the state of Colorado decided how much child support should be paid? The answer is based on two factors - income and expenses. Basically, a Jefferson County Court judge will look at the incomes of both parents along with general expenses of the child to come up with the amount. The parent with the lesser amount of custody has to pay a percentage of this amount based on their income.

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