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Home paternity tests could fend off fraudulent fatherhood claims

Paternity is a serious and sensitive issue. For many Colorado residents, the subject can even be offensive. One author who recently wrote an article about paternity and family knows this all too well. His article garnered a number of comments, many of them negative. However, he adds that when it comes to paternity, a "game changer" may save parents, particularly fathers, from unnecessary trouble.

Dad barred from seeing baby's delivery, fathers' rights violated?

For most Colorado parents, the birth of a child is a momentous occasion. Parents want to experience every hardship and joy the moment brings. However, one father did not experience such a moment after a judge ruled in favor of the pregnant mother and barred his presence in the delivery room.

Two black fathers - an inspiration to those amid custody issues

In Colorado, residents know that the majority of custodial parents are women, which leaves fathers with only visitation rights. But, as society changes, so are many fathers, who are now pushing for their rights in order to be more involved with their children.

Bode Miller's custody dispute sheds light on father's rights

Establishing paternity and enjoying fathers' rights can be a complicated issue for unwed fathers across the U.S., including those in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. In a recent case, the child custody battle between Olympic skier Bode Miller and his former girlfriend, Sara McKenna, has ignited the debate over whether a fetus is a child or a part of the mother's body, and whether a pregnant woman can travel away from the unborn child's father.

Michael Jordan wins two paternity lawsuits

Parents play a crucial role in their children's upbringing. For some unmarried fathers, being acknowledged as a parent is important, and there are legal remedies available to them to prove their paternity. However, in some cases, de-establishing paternity can be equally important.

What do unwed men need to know about father's rights?

A father's consistent and positive relationship with his child is beneficial to both the child and the father. In Wheat Ridge, Colorado, it is understandable that many unwed fathers pursue paternity because they love their children. However, common misconceptions can prevent a father from establishing paternity over his child.

The benefits of establishing paternity

Divorce, other than nullifying the marital union, is a process that obligates both parents to have certain responsibilities. One of the responsibilities is for both the divorced parents to maintain their relationship with their child and to provide for the best interests of the child. If a couple has been married and is now divorced, paternity is already established, although paternity is often difficult and complex between unmarried couples.

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