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Wheat Ridge Child Custody and Divorce Attorney | Reintegration Therapy - Will It Help My Child?

reintegration therapy.pngWhen you are dealing with a Wheat Ridge or Jefferson County divorce or child custody case, it is likely that you will be worried about how everything is affecting your children. Throughout the divorce and / or child custody proceedings, you may hear the term reintegration therapy or reunification therapy mentioned by your attorney, your spouse's attorney, the court, or even an expert. So, what is reintegration therapy and how can it help? Let's find out

Wheat Ridge Divorce Lawyer | Important Terms to Know If You Are Going Through a Divorce in Jefferson County

divorce-2753151_640.jpgWhen a couple chooses to get a divorce in Wheat Ridge, Arvada, or Golden, it is often the first time they are dealing with the courts and the legal system. There are many terms and phrases that experienced divorce attorneys will use and refer to that may be unfamiliar to you. While you should always feel comfortable asking exactly what the terms mean, you can use this blog as a handy reference guide for those commonly used basic divorce terminology.

Wheat Ridge Divorce Lawyer | Allocation of Parental Responsibilities and Religion

church-3024768_640.jpgFor divorcing parents, allocating parental responsibilities is a major part of the divorce process. Religion is one of those responsibilities that can cause conflict between parents. Religion plays a large role in the lives of many people in Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County. For religious people, raising their family in the same faith is very important to them. This is not generally an issue when the family is a unit, but what happens when parents choose to get a divorce? And what about when the parents have different religious backgrounds? This can be a serious point of contention. So, how does the Jefferson handle these issues? Let's find out.

How Does Divorce Affect Children? A Wheat Ridge Divorce Attorney Weighs In

children-1149671_640.jpgWhile there is not exact science or formula you can use to predict exactly how your children will react when you tell them that you and your spouse have chosen to separate or get a divorce, you will want to be extra sensitive to how they are feeling. Children will experience a gamut of emotions, just like you will, and they will deal with these emotions in their own way. Some may want to talk through everything, while others seem to retreat and don't want to discuss it. However your children react, the most important thing you can do is be there for them in whatever way they need you.

Credit and Divorce: Ways to Protect Your Credit Score During a Wheat Ridge Divorce

credit-card-1583534_640.jpgIt's often unsettling for those going through a Wheat Ridge divorce that they can't get a clear picture of their financial situation, as things are up in the air while the divorce is pending. It's hard enough to split finances and budget, but add into that not knowing exactly how much you will be giving or getting through spousal maintenance (alimony) or child support and the task is seemingly impossible. While all that is undecided, there are some things you can do to at least protect your credit, setting you up for a better financial situation when the dust finally settles and you have a real understanding of your finances.

Recording Conversations with Your Former Spouse - A Good Idea? | Wheat Ridge Divorce Lawyer

technology-2589463_640.jpgRecording a conversation, whether in person or over the phone, is legal in Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County, Colorado. This is because Colorado is a one party consent state, meaning only one of the people involved in the conversation needs to consent. Many people think that they can use recorded conversations with their ex to help bolster their divorce or child custody case. But, just because you can record all your conversations, doesn't mean that you should. Let's take a look at some different situations and how recording can help or hurt you in a divorce or child custody case.

Do-It-Yourself Divorce in Wheat Ridge: You Can Do It, But Should You?

sign-1573405_640.jpgIt may be hard to believe, coming from someone who directly benefits from people hiring a Wheat Ridge or Arvada divorce attorney, but there are legitimate reasons why it's better to hire representation instead of going it alone. Let's look at some of those reasons and why it's in your best interest to hire an experienced Jefferson County dissolution of marriage lawyer.

I Have a Divorce Attorney, But Can I Get a Second Opinion? | Wheat Ridge Family Law Attorney Sean Pearman Weighs In

office-2826038_640.pngWhen it comes to comes to something as serious as your Wheat Ridge or Arvada divorce, you want to make sure that your attorney is doing everything possible to get you the best possible outcome. Your current and future assets as well as your relationship with your children is on the line. You may often have questions about the work that your attorney is doing, and that's normal. The law is very complicated and if you are not well versed in it, it may seem like your lawyer is not doing things the way you were hoping. This is where getting a second opinion can be a very helpful tool for you - offering you some comfort and a better understanding of your case.

Wheat Ridge Family Law Attorney | Tips: How to Tell Your Children About Divorce

hugs-1613208_640.jpgWhile deciding to file for divorce in Wheat Ridge, Arvada, or Golden, is hard, it is even more difficult to tell your children about the decision. Here is a list of tips to keep in mind when telling your children about your divorce:

Hiding Assets During a Divorce: How Do I Protect My Assets? | Wheat Ridge Divorce Lawyer

the-dollar-3125419_640.jpgWhen a couple is headed for divorce in Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County, dividing assets can be a difficult process. It is common for both parties to want to hold on to what they feel is theirs. This may include an inclination to hide or move certain assets in order to keep them from the other party. While this is totally understandable, it is not advisable. You may feel the right to hold onto what is yours or keep it separate from your estate so you do not have to split it, but the court does not see it that way. However, there are some steps you can take in order to protect yourself and your assets.

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