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Humphries claims Kardashian offered him $10 million

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2013 | Divorce |

Basketball player Kris Humphries, estranged husband to reality star Kim Kardashian, claims to have been offered a $10 million settlement if stopped pursuing a marriage annulment rather than a divorce based on his allegation that the marriage was built on fraud. Humphries wants the annulment because he believes Kardashian only married him for the publicity.

The two reportedly have a prenuptial agreement. Under Colorado law, a prenuptial agreement can help a couple navigate through the minefield that high asset divorce so often becomes.

Unfortunately, even the best prenuptial agreement may not prepare for every eventuality. For that reason, it is sometimes appropriate to seek post-divorce modifications to any kind of property division or payment agreement. Modifying the payments after the fact may be preferable to trying to fight or overcome the prenuptial agreement itself. Also, by keeping the agreement and attempting to make changes later, the couple does not have to start negotiations from scratch.

Kardashian denies that the settlement offer ever occurred. She is, though, pushing to speed the divorce to a conclusion, at least in part, because she is pregnant with the child of rapper Kanye West. The divorce process has already lasted much longer than the 72 days of marriage that preceded the couple’s decision to split.

It is unclear how much longer Kardashian will have to wait before finally ending her legal relationship to Humphries, but it is unlikely that it will occur before the end of the basketball season. Humphries job keeps him busy much of the time, and any major court proceedings will probably have to wait until he becomes available.

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