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Wheat Ridge Child Custody and Parenting Plans Attorney | Back-to-School Season Often Means Serious Scheduling Changes

education-908512_640.jpgUsually, the back to school season is a process of getting back into a routine and figuring out what your child's new schedule will look like. This can be more complicated for divorced parents who are tied to a child custody agreement and specific parenting plan. Say your child has entered the teenage years and is involved in more extracurricular activities and those activities conflict with the schedule laid out in the parenting plan. What happens if your current parenting plan no longer works for you, your former spouse, and especially your children?

Golden Divorce Attorney | What is Nesting and How Does it Relate to a Jefferson County Divorce?

new-1572747_640.jpgOften, when people here the term 'nesting' they think of a pregnant mother preparing the home for the arrival of a new baby. However, nesting is a term that can also apply to a divorcing or separating family. In the family law world, nesting is an arrangement made between separating parents in regards to sharing the family home. The goal for nesting is generally to keep things as stable as possible for the children, especially during this time of change.

Wheat Ridge Child Custody Attorney | How are Visitation and Custody Decided When Unmarried Parents Spilt?

divorce-156444_640.pngCustody and parenting laws in Jefferson County, Colorado, are easy to find when it relates to a divorcing couple. But, information on how custody works with unmarried parents is a different story. There is a different set of rules for this type of situation. If you are looking for assistance with a child custody case relating to a non-divorce spilt between you and the child's other parent, you need an experienced child custody attorney to help protect your rights related to time with your children.

Wheat Ridge Divorce Lawyer | Financial Benefits of a Jefferson County Divorce

money-2724241_640.jpgWhen people think about divorce in Wheat Ridge, Arvada, or Golden, they usually are overcome with the financial stress that a dissolution of marriage can cause. However, there are some financial benefits to divorce that you may not be aware of. It's not all losses and spending! While the idea of getting divorced may bring up other negative emotions and reactions, there are a few positives that can come out of it.

Wheat Ridge Divorce Attorney | I Lost My Job, Do I Still Have to Pay Alimony?

no-money-2070384_640.jpgWhen a couple gets a divorce in Wheat Ridge, Arvada, or Golden, one spouse is often ordered to pay spousal maintenance or alimony to the other in order to maintain the lifestyle the receiving spouse was accustomed to. This situation is usually the case when one spouse earned a significant amount more than the other, or when one spouse was a stay at home parent. But, what happens if the paying party loses their job and can no longer make payments?

Wheat Ridge Child Custody Lawyer | What to Consider When Making a Parenting Schedule

portrait-317041_640.jpgWhether you are just separating or preparing to divorce your spouse, child custody and a parenting plan are important aspects to work out. Working together to create a detailed plan will reduce the chance fights and confusion later - as it is all laid out for you in writing. So, where do you begin? Here is a list of the most important things to consider when creating your parenting schedule.

Wheat Ridge Divorce Attorney | Student Loans and Divorce: Who Gets the Debt?

student-loan-debt-1160848_640.pngStudent loan debt is often a tricky debt to deal with in the midst of a Jefferson County divorce. Mainly, those involved in a dissolution of marriage want to know who gets the debt or how it will be divided. Let's take a closer look at student loan debt and how it is handled during a divorce in Arvada or Golden.

Protection Orders Related to Wheat Ridge Divorce and Domestic Violence

legal-1302034_640.jpgAs Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County family law attorneys, we have seen civil protection or restraining orders used as both a helpful and hurtful tool. Sometimes, a divorce is the result of domestic violence or a dangerous and volatile situation. In these types of cases, protection orders can protect those involved, including children, from being subject to any further abuse. However, false allegations of domestic violence in an attempt to get a restraining order can be extremely damaging. At the Pearman Law Firm, we have helped those in need get the protection they need to feel safe as well as fight against restraining/protection orders that contain false and unfounded allegations.

Temporary Orders in a Wheat Ridge Divorce | An Experienced Jefferson County Divorce Attorney Explains

pexels-photo-531970.jpegThere are many issues to discuss and negotiate when a couple chooses to divorce in Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County. It takes time for those issues to be worked out, but when one party files the Petition for Divorce with the court, decisions must be made immediately to protect both parties. These immediate decisions are called Temporary Orders. They are orders from the judge that remain in place until the case is no longer pending and the divorce is finalized.

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