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Property Valuations and Divorce: What You Need to Know Explained by a Wheat Ridge Divorce Attorney

coins-currency-investment-insurance-128867.jpegAn important part of any Wheat Ridge, Arvada, and Golden divorce is property division. Outside of issues regarding children, it can be the most contentious matter in a Jefferson County dissolution of marriage. Part of dividing assets is valuing the property. Because of this, it's important to understand the property valuations. While you have sentimental attachments that add value to your items, that doesn't mean that they actually hold the value you think. It can be extremely difficult for both parties to be objective about property valuations because most things will have some sort of personal attachment, blurring your ideas about what is an appropriate valuation.

Wheat Ridge Child Support Lawyer: How Child Support is Calculated

wallet-2383496_640.jpgIf you and your spouse are getting a divorce in Wheat Ridge and have children together, then child support will likely be a major part of your divorce agreement. The amount of child support a Jefferson County judge requires you to pay, may not remain the same as your kids grow older. Likely, you will face several trips to family court as your children grow up and expenses related to raising them changes. While it may be tempting to work out an informal agreement with your former spouse, especially if the divorce is amicable, this is not something we recommend. It is better to have a court ordered agreement, which is enforced by the court, because then the court can hold all parties accountable.

Wheat Ridge Alimony / Spousal Maintenance Attorney | I Lost My Job: Do I Still Have to Pay Alimony?

money-2696234_640.jpgWhen the Jefferson County family law court orders one party to pay alimony or spousal maintenance payments during a divorce, that is not an order that can just be ignored. Through a Wheat Ridge or Arvada divorce, the court recognizes the need for the separating parties to maintain their current standard of living. Especially when one party has a significantly lower income or is a stay at home parent. The court will order for maintenance payments to be made for a period of time in order to help the spouse with the lower income level maintain their lifestyle while trying to become financially independent. The amount of maintenance or alimony that is required to be paid is based on a calculation using current income levels. So, what happens if the party required to pay alimony loses their job?

Golden Divorce Lawyer | What If My Ex Won't Sign Divorce Papers?

guy-699195_640.jpgWhen you are ready to file for divorce in Golden, Wheat Ridge, or Jefferson County, both parties will have to sign the initial divorce petition. But, what happens when one party won't sign? Let's take a look at the different steps involved in a divorce and what happens when your ex doesn't want to sign.

Wheat Ridge Adoption Attorney | Is a Jefferson County Open Adoption the Right Choice for You?

tattoo-2923997_640.jpgWhether you are preparing to place your child for adoption or looking to adopt a child into your family, open adoptions is one avenue you may want to explore in Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County. Through an open adoption, the biological parent is able to have a relationship with the adoptive parents. The best way to handle an open adoption is to set the expectations from the beginning through a written agreement. You can set the parameters on exactly how open you want the adoption to be. If the biological or adoptive parents agree (depending on who is requesting the terms), then you will be in the best position to have a successful experience.

Wheat Ridge Divorce and Child Custody Attorney | What Should Be Included in a Jefferson County Parenting Plan?

plan-2372176_640.jpgIf you are getting divorced in Wheat Ridge or Jefferson County and you have kids, a parenting plan is a vital part of the child custody process. Parenting plans set the guidelines for how the children are to be raised and which parent handles certain responsibilities. Having a solid parenting plan is necessary for effective co-parenting. With your children's best interest at heart, it's always best to cooperate with your co-parent. Your parenting plan should be a roadmap on how to address situations that may arise, which will allow for quicker resolutions and less stress.

Wheat Ridge Child Custody and Parental Rights Attorney | Woman Jailed for Baptizing Daughter

black-and-white-2604969_640.jpgWhen the Jefferson County Court judge signs off on a child custody or parenting agreement, it is binding. That means that the items outlined in the agreement are meant to be followed, whether you changed your mind or not. That's why it is so important to have an experienced Wheat Ridge family law attorney on your side when entering into any agreements regarding your children- because until a judge tells you otherwise, you are held to that original agreement. A mother recently realized the seriousness of her allocation of parental responsibilities agreement when she was sent to jail for violating it.

Divorce and Taxes - Who Gets to Claim the Kids? An Expert Wheat Ridge Divorce Lawyer Explains

calculator-1044173_640.jpgWhen you are getting divorced in Wheat Ridge, Arvada, or Westminster, there are a list of things that you need to make decisions on. This list becomes exponentially longer when children are involved. One of the things that is often overlooked is a plan for who will get to claim the children on their taxes. Because previously you had filed your taxes jointly as a married household, this is not something you likely have ever had to deal with. It's best not to make assumptions when the time comes to file, as the IRS does not allow any dependents to be claimed by more than one person. If that happens, there can be serious consequences.

Debt Division in Divorce: An Expert Wheat Ridge Divorce Attorney Breaks It Down

debt-2754176_640.jpgWhile asset division is a huge piece of a Wheat Ridge, Golden, and Mountain View divorce, debt will also be divided in a 'fair and equitable' manner. This often does not mean a 50/50 split. Let's look at the way marital debt is divided and the contributing factors to debt division in a Jefferson County dissolution of marriage.

Wheat Ridge Divorce Lawyer | Who Gets the House in a Jefferson County, Colorado Divorce?

house-3121344_640.jpgAside from matters regarding children (like child custody), property division can be one of the more contentious issues related to a Wheat Ridge, Arvada, or Littleton divorce. If the two parties cannot come to an agreement about who gets the home, then it will be up to a Jefferson County Court judge to make that determination. It is important you do everything you can to protect your interests in your divorce case.

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