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Singer Usher retains child custody of his two sons

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2013 | Child Custody |

A divorce dissolves the marriage between two people. However, nothing can sever a child’s relationship with his or her parents. With this in mind, agreements regarding child custody are included in the process of divorce. In Jefferson, Colorado, custody and visitation can be agreed upon by the parents themselves. However, there are times when parents cannot agree on this matter, requiring the family court to intervene.

Take into consideration the reports of a dispute involving R&B singer Usher’s custodial rights over his children. According to the reports, the singer has retained primary custody of his two young sons after a judge rejected an emergency petition by his estranged wife for temporary custody of the children. The singer’s ex-wife issued this request after their 5-year-old son got involved in a swimming pool accident while in the care of the singer’s aunt.

The judge rejected her request after hearing the story from both parties. Based on the evidence presented, the judge said that he is not sure if anyone could really have prevented the accident. But the judge also told the singer to inform his ex-wife of his whereabouts at all times and to let her know who is taking care of the children when he is not with them.

Readers should bear in mind that in Jefferson, Colorado, child custody agreements are subject to change. Similar to what the singer’s ex-wife did, parents may seek an agreement modification if they feel that the current arrangements are not best for their children. The court may then conduct a hearing regarding the issue, weigh the evidence and rule based on the best interests of the children.

Proving that one parent is not acting in the best interests of the children can sometimes be difficult. However, with the help of a legal professional, parents may have the chance to modify the custody agreement and ensure the children’s well-being.

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