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Why a family legal issue like domestic violence persists

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2013 | Family Law |

As it is in other places, in Jefferson, Colorado, family law addresses disputes or concerns that affect the interests of the entire family. Among them is domestic violence. Although many family legal issues are evident, domestic violence victims are sometimes blamed for the abuse. A lot of people who have never experienced domestic violence may ask why victims simply do not just leave their abusers.

It might be easy for some people to give their opinion on something that they have never experienced firsthand. However, readers from Jefferson, Colorado, should understand that domestic violence is a serious and sensitive matter and there are very good reasons as to why a victim chooses to remain with his or her abuser.

First, the victim may lack support from others. Since an abusive relationship often isolates the victim from people who are close to him or her, the victim is likely to feel that there is nobody to trust. Financial resources can also influence the victim’s decision to leave. With a limited budget and work experience, a victim may be worried about his or her future financial security if he or she ever decides to leave. The worst fear may be to end up on the streets.

For a victim who cannot support his or her children, the only choice may be to stay in the relationship. The person may choose to put up with the violence rather than see the abusive parent have sole custody of their children. Aside from that, since children are involved, their safety is also threatened. Because of fear, a lot of women who suffer from abuse have the idea that they are already broken and no one else could possibly want them.

A romantic relationship is supposed to encourage the growth of the partners. Domestic violence does not accomplish anything positive and the victim should keep in mind that resources and help are available for him or her. Reporting an instance of spousal abuse is the right thing to do. A victim of domestic violence also may request a protection order against his or her abuser.

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