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Couple dealing with infertility finds hope through adoption

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2014 | Adoption |

Many Colorado couples who want children, but cannot have them easily, will try a variety of ways to become parents, including fertility treatments. Sometimes, though, nothing works and adoption is the only real answer for those who do not believe that their life will be satisfying without children.

One Utah couple’s struggle with infertility remained private even as online and TV viewers became enchanted by their story last August, following a YouTube posting titled “Seeing Her for the First Time Again.” This video showed the husband’s postsurgical delirious pleasure at realizing that the beautiful stranger by his bedside was his own wife; the video now has been viewed by more than 13 million people.

For years, though, the couple’s efforts to start their own family led them to fertility treatments and costly surgeries, but to no effect. Finally, in the wake of the couple’s YouTube video, they discussed the possibility of adoption. Their sudden online fame allowed them to publicly raise money for adoption. The couple now has started the process of adopting a six-year-old girl from Uganda.

Unfortunately, months of preparation recently came to an end when political changes in the African nation led to the end of international adoptions there. The couple is continuing to look for that special child who will complete their family.

Domestic adoption remains an option for any couple who wants to add a new member to their family. They can begin by checking with local social service agencies to find eligible children. Once a couple finds a child, they can begin the adoption process.

Adoption is a legal process and soon-to-be parents must ensure that the parental right of a biological parent has been terminated. Doing so will prevent complications in the future. A qualified and experienced legal professional should be consulted for the best information on the process.

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