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How a Colorado spouse can effectively survive a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2014 | Divorce |

For a divorcing Wheat Ridge, Colorado, spouse, the end of a marriage can seem like a never-ending struggle. A divorce can get so frustrating that a spouse is forced to relent to less than favorable terms, just to get out of the situation. While giving up can result in immediate relief, the damage from wrong decisions can have a lasting effect. Although there is no cookie cutter approach to the difficulties of a divorce, there are ways to help a spouse from throwing in the towel unnecessarily.

One, prepare for a marathon. Even in a mediation, where a divorce is expected to be resolved quickly and amicably, a divorcing spouse should be prepared for a long haul. A financial counselor related that she reminds clients that stamina is essential in mediation sessions. It can be emotionally draining, so a soon-to-be former spouse should be ready.

Two, stay healthy. A divorce is emotionally and physically taxing. Once one is worn out, he or she can be prone to lapses in decision-making.

Three, think about all possible scenarios. Once emotions are high, it may be difficult to process the merits of property division and settlement. Assistance from a financial planner can help avoid mistakes.

Four, do not let divorce take over one’s life. Remember that divorce is just a chapter one has to go through. Enjoy life’s pleasures and create balance.

Five, reflect. Do not make decisions while at the heat of the moment. Take the time to carefully consider the situation.

Six, listen to guidance. Advisors are aware of the merits of a divorce and can give one enough breathing room.

Seven, do not lose sight of the future. The pain of a divorce is only temporary.

Finally, a Wheat Ridge spouse should seek support. Besides family and well-meaning friends, the support of a family law professional can be just as important.

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