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Online vs. traditional divorce: Which is best?

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2014 | Family Law |

Technology has certainly made life more convenient for everyone, including many here in Wheat Ridge County, Colorado. However, as great as technology is in a number of situations, it may not be as effective when it comes to divorce. The end of a marriage is a complicated process and in this aspect, going through a traditional divorce and seeking the guidance of a family law professional can still be the best option. Consider the following online versus traditional divorce scenarios.

Unearthing and evaluating a couple’s assets can be tougher in an online divorce. In this situation, a spouse can be given the opportunity to move and hide assets. This is especially true if a spouse believes that a divorce is going to be filed. However, in a traditional divorce, marital assets are frozen by the court once a divorce is filed.

Looking out for liabilities may also be tougher the online way. In a divorce, assets are generally easier to unearth than liabilities. Liabilities are an unfortunate surprise during a divorce and can severely change the landscape of property division. A legal professional can ask the right questions to weed out possible liabilities. However, in an online divorce, access to information can be limited.

Another thing to consider is that online divorce lacks empathy. In calculating child support and alimony, an online divorce can seem to have an edge. Child and spousal support are not just about math, though; they are about empathy as well. Important factors like lifestyle, health, medical history and a child’s emotional state cannot be properly measured in an online divorce.

Understand that an online divorce cannot handle the most sensitive aspect of a divorce: child custody. An online divorce can deal with the intricacies of providing a mutually beneficial arrangement for parents that is also aimed at the best interest of a child.

Going the traditional route may seem “old school” to some Wheat Ridge County residents, but there is no denying its value. Online divorce may seem ground-breaking, but it does have its limitations.

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