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Can child support management service help Colorado parents?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2014 | Family Law |


Child support is pretty straightforward. A non-custodial parent either agrees to pay the monthly amount or is required to do so by the court. Subsequently, a custodial parent receives the payment to be used for the benefit of the child. However, for some custodial parents in Colorado, such a scenario may seem more like wishful thinking.

SuportPay, a child support payment management service, seeks to align the process more closely with how it was intended. The brainchild of former software executive Sheri Atwood, the service has already raised $1.1 million. Atwood attributes SupportPay to her personal experiences growing up, as well as being a divorced mother. She shared that she was a child of divorce and that her father was a delinquent child support payer. When it was her time to divorce, she and her spouse decided to amicably split expenses. However, even with their arrangement, the nuances of child support were problematic at times.

The software, which can be obtained as an app for smartphones or online, helps parents make automated payments. It can help parents to keep track of payments and how the money is being spent. The management service also caters to the privacy of parents.

Family law issues like child support can be a complex matter when a parent does not adhere to obligations. Unfortunately, this not only compromises the custodial parent but it also compromises the wellbeing of the child. Applications like SuportPay can help parents to get back on track. However, for more pressing concerns about child support, legal options may need to be considered.

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