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International adoption can offer hope despite some problems

On Behalf of | May 23, 2014 | Adoption |


Many couples in Colorado dream of adding children to their families. Unfortunately, some couples are unable to conceive, so for them adoption is one way to fulfill their desire for kids. While the process may be promising, it can also be challenging.

For one woman, Mother’s Day always felt incomplete. She and her husband tried for 17 years to have a child but to no avail. Finally, they decided to adopt. The idea was not foreign to the couple, living in another state. The husband had three adopted siblings and the wife had been adopted herself.

The process was not easy. The couple placed their names on lists for both domestic and international adoptions. The response took much longer than they expected.

In 2010, adoption organizers in Nepal called the couple. The couple flew to the country and met the boy who would become their son less than a year later. However, allegations of corrupt adoption practices were plaguing the country, which had only recently accepted international adoptions. As the United States government investigated the charges, the couple was one of several who were caught in limbo.

Eventually they returned to their home state without the boy. But they persevered. With funds they raised and the help of friends and a state senator, their patience paid off in February 2011 when they returned to Nepal to pick up their new son from the orphanage he had known as home for more than 3 years. Mother’s Day, like every other special day since, has never been the same for the family.

Although international adoption is certainly an option for couples in Colorado, they can also explore domestic adoption. The process can take time and even be complicated, but the help of an experienced legal advocate can help steer a couple through the inevitable emotional stresses of time and finances.

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