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Knowing when to settle or litigate during the divorce

On Behalf of | May 29, 2014 | Divorce |

Although divorce seems common nowadays, the process is by no means simple. While the stress of a divorce can be reduced when couples decide to part amicably, there are still many who go through the process like they are walking on a tight rope without a net underneath. For divorcing couples in Colorado, this kind of situation presents the obvious choice to litigate. But, before doing so, couples should take certain things into consideration, since settling could still be an option.

Pinpointing the real reason for a disagreement is crucial. Even if a couple argues about the terms of custody, property division or the amount of spousal support, a divorce settlement with the help of a negotiator could still be within reach. However, if a spouse questions why spousal support is necessary or challenges custody, litigation may be the best alternative. Couples should also consider the financial rigors and the time that will be spent. Going to court can be costly, and it also eats a lot time. But that does not mean a divorcing couple should agree to a one-sided deal to avoid further expenses. If a spouse has extra funds, litigation should be pursued. If not, then be ready to grind it out.