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Wheat Ridge Child Custody Attorney | Child Family Investigator in a Jefferson County Child Custody Case

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Just like mediator can be helpful in working through contested issues in a Wheat Ridge divorce, the Jefferson County Court may appoint a Child Family Investigator (CFI) to be an impartial third party whose job is to investigate the best interest of the children. Because legal custody and parenting time issues can be emotionally charged, the court looks to the CFI to present a fuller, non-biased picture of the situation. Whether you are dealing with a specific child custody hearing, or handling parenting time issues as a part of a divorce, a Child Family Investigator may become a part of your case.

Who is the Jefferson County Child Family Investigator?

Under C.R.S. 14-10-116.5, the court is authorized to appoint a Child Family Investigator when dealing with minor children in family law cases like divorce or legal custody. The CFI can be a lawyer, mental health professional, or some other professional who has been certified to act in this capacity. The CFI is tasked with submitting a written report after conducting interviews with each parent, the child or children, and witnesses like family members, therapists or teachers. The Child Family Investigator will also review any court paperwork, questionnaires, and conduct a home visit.

What Does an Arvada Child Family Investigator’s Report Include?

The CFI’s report will include recommendations about parenting time, holiday parenting time, decision making, and possibly recommendations for lifestyles changes or counseling. The Child Family Investigator provides a thorough and cost-effective look into your child or children’s home life in Arvada or Golden. Especially if your children are older, this will give them a voice in the process. Children generally are not given the opportunity to speak and repeating what they have said is not admissible in the Jefferson County Court.

How an Expert Lakewood Family Law Attorney Can Help with the CFI

As experienced family law attorneys in the Wheat Ridge, Lakewood and Westminster area, we have worked with many different Child Family Investigators. We can recommend the right CFI for your case, one who has the expertise right for your case. You do get some say in the decision-making process for your CFI, as long as both parties can agree. The court only steps in if the parties cannot come to an agreement.

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