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Wheat Ridge Divorce Lawyer | Common Misconceptions with Jefferson County Dissolution of Marriage

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2017 | Divorce |


Because divorce is so common, often people feel like experts after watching a friend or family member go through the process. But, the divorce process is not only different depending on what state you are filing in, it also varies depending on your specific situation. There are so many variables involved, that each divorce case becomes unique and individual – not often something that can be easily taken care of with the same steps another took. I’m usually surprised at the misconceptions people sometimes approach divorce with, and want to clear up a few common ones, as they can negatively affect your divorce case.

Littleton Family Law Attorney: Divorce Misconceptions and the Truth

  • Someone needs to be at fault for the divorce

Colorado is a ‘no-fault’ divorce state, which means that it doesn’t matter what happened in the marriage to lead to the divorce. All the Jefferson County Courts need is confirmation that the marriage is not reparable. Fault is not taken into consideration when handling the financial aspects of the divorce either. Often, people feel entitled to more money because of a cheating spouse or some other wrong doing, but it does not play a part in an Arvada or Littleton divorce.

  • Divorce can be done quickly if you don’t get an attorney involved

It doesn’t matter how quickly you might wish to get your divorce finalized, there is a 90-day minimum waiting period before a divorce is finalized. This is a statutory limit set by the law, and an attorney cannot rush the process. Often, people think family law attorneys will just make the process more complicated but actually the opposite is true. Hiring someone who knows exactly what they are doing will tend to make the process go more smoothly.

  • You need to ask for special orders from the family law court

After you file for divorce, special orders are entered that address custody and offer protection to both parties. If children are involved, an order will be entered preventing one party from taking the children out of Colorado without special permission from the court. There will also be an order entered that prevents one party from harassing the other, or from destroying, hiding, or transferring any marital property.

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