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Dependency and Neglect Attorney| Losing Parental Rights Through a D&N Case

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It is always scary when Social Service, the Department of Human Services (DHS) or the Department of Children and Families Services (DCFS) become involved with your family. You just never know what can come from their inquiries, especially when they decide to file a Dependency and Neglect (D&N) case against you. It is vital that you have an experienced Jefferson County D&N attorney to help you fight any allegations of child abuse or neglect. Under the worst case scenario, the state can take custody of your children away from you. This is known as a loss of parental rights. Give yourself the best chance at keeping your family whole and make sure you have a lawyer who will passionately represent you.

What is a Dependency and Neglect Petition in Lakewood, Colorado?

When a Social Services / DHS caseworker comes to the conclusion that you are not caring for your children correctly or that more intervention is needed in your home to keep your children safe, they will file a Dependency and Neglect petition. Ultimately, a Jefferson County judge will get to make the determination on child custody. Sometimes the caseworker will suggest more supervision and parenting plans. This may include surprise visits where the DHS worker is scrutinizing everything happening in your house, from the way it looks, to what is in your refrigerator. We have seen cases where the children are immediately removed from the home, sometimes given to another family member or taken into foster care. This can be extremely scary for both the children and the parents or guardians.

Who is the Guardian-Ad Litem in a Jefferson County Dependency and Neglect Case?

The Guardian-Ad Litem (G.A.L.) is a person assigned to represent and look out for the ‘best interest’ of your children. This person is not on your side. They are present to look out for your children and can hold the same bias as DHS. In many cases, they will propose taking your kids away from you. We have seen GALs as people who are part of the system. You need your own representation to make sure your best interests are protected. It is best for you to not speak directly with DHS case workers or any G.A.L.s. Let your Dependency and Neglect attorney handle all communication.

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