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Wheat Ridge Family Law Attorney | Divorce and Preparing for Holiday Season

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2017 | Divorce |


If you are preparing for or in the midst of a Wheat Ridge divorce or separation, the upcoming holidays may be a difficult time of the year. While often the Christmas season means traditions and spending time with family, preparing for this season without your spouse may be painful. Planning ahead is key to preparing yourself for the holiday season. Being mindful of expectations and keeping things simple will keep you less stressed and overwhelmed during this time of year.

Arvada New Family Dynamics: Holiday Time is a Time for Family

Holiday celebrations generally revolve around family in Arvada and Littleton. Since your family looks different this year, the holidays will likely look different as well. Not only will your former spouse no longer be a part of the celebrations, his or her family may not be included as well. With the focus being on family, it’s hard not to dwell on the fact that your family unit has changed. Whether it is just you or you and your kids, it will be an adjustment to venture these times without your spouse.

Time for a Change in Your Jefferson County Holiday Routine

It may be helpful for you to plan something different this season and create a new ritual – something you never did with your spouse or significant other. If you and your former spouse previously had traditions in place, mix it up and do something new and exciting. You don’t have to follow the same procedures just because that is what you usually do. Instead, do something different and maybe it will become the start of a new tradition in Jefferson County.

Christmastime in Mountainview: Planning is Key

Planning things out will keep you from getting overwhelmed. Decide in advance the things you would like to do in Wheat Ridge and Mountainview and when you want to do them. Keep yourself busy, but not so busy that you become overwhelmed. There are many fun activities and get togethers that you can join in on during Christmas. Also, don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. Get your friends and family on board, so you have company and can get the support you need. Keep things simple. Don’t go overboard because that often leads to feelings of being inundated and exhausted instead of enjoyment.

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