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Wheat Ridge Divorce Lawyer | Different Types of Divorce in Jefferson County

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There are many different types of divorce in Wheat Ridge, Jefferson County, and across Colorado based on different factors that are present or not present in a couple’s situation. Let’s take a closer look at each type, so you have a little better understanding of what to expect in your situation.

Divorce or Marriage Dissolution with Children in Arvada and Mountainview

A huge factor in dissolution of marriage cases in Wheat Ridge, Arvada, and Mountainview is children:

  • Divorce with Children – When a couple is getting divorced and they have minor children, many additional steps are added to the divorce proceedings. Instead of just dividing assets and deciding alimony or spousal maintenance, additional agreements are made to determine child custody or parenting time, child support payments and parental responsibilities.
  • Divorce without Children – Divorces where minor children are not involved focus on property division, debt division, and spousal maintenance. This type of divorce has far fewer steps and requirements than a divorce involving children.

Other Types of Divorce Cases in Golden and Jefferson County

Some other type of divorce cases in Golden and Jefferson County, Colorado include:

  • Contested Divorce – When the parties in the divorce cannot agree on certain terms, the divorce is considered contested. If after all attempts to come to an agreement have been exhausted, (including mediation, meetings with attorneys, etc.) then a hearing will be set and a judge will rule on the contested issues.
  • Uncontested Divorce – When the parties involved in the marriage dissolution agree on all the terms of the divorce, it is termed an uncontested divorce. This makes the process go much more smoothly with the courts, as a judge will just review the agreement and sign off on it without having to have a formal hearing.
  • High Asset Divorce – When especially high value assets and property are involved, special considerations are needed every step of the proceedings including the use of financial experts.
  • Private Divorce – If one or both of the parties involved in the divorce are public figures or high-profile individuals (including those in business), they make request their personal information and information regarding the divorce be kept private and not accessible to the public.

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