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Wheat Ridge Child Support Lawyer: How Child Support is Calculated

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If you and your spouse are getting a divorce in Wheat Ridge and have children together, then child support will likely be a major part of your divorce agreement. The amount of child support a Jefferson County judge requires you to pay, may not remain the same as your kids grow older. Likely, you will face several trips to family court as your children grow up and expenses related to raising them changes. While it may be tempting to work out an informal agreement with your former spouse, especially if the divorce is amicable, this is not something we recommend. It is better to have a court ordered agreement, which is enforced by the court, because then the court can hold all parties accountable.

Arvada Child Support Attorney: Calculating Child Support Payments

Every state has its own child support calculator. The general idea behind the calculator is to consider different variables to decide how much money is needed to maintain the lifestyle your children have become accustomed to. These variables include:

  • Number of children involved
  • Gross monthly income of both parents
  • Monthly cost of daycare
  • Monthly cost of health insurance
  • General cost of living in Arvada, Wheat Ridge, and Littleton, Colorado

Jefferson County Child Support Calculator Problems

One issue we often see surrounding child support is when unexpected events happen, and one parent is left bearing the burden. For example, one parent loses their job and petitions the court for a hardship deduction because they can no longer make their Jefferson County child support payment. If the hardship deduction is granted, then the other parent is left to figure out how to make up the difference. We know that child expenses don’t cease just because money is tight. Also, if the parent who lost their job was the one who carried the children on their insurance, then insurance payments and coverage is an issue which the remaining parent must deal with – a burden they did not agree to under the initial child support agreement.

Wheat Ridge Child Support Issues? Feeling Burdened? We Can Help!

If you feel that too much of the burden is falling on you when it comes to child support, then it may be time to speak with a Wheat Ridge child support lawyer. There are many different legal tools which may be beneficial for you and your finances.

If you need help with child support issues, call the best family law attorneys from the Pearman Law firm for a initial phone consultation at 720-259-9528 today.

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