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Do-It-Yourself Divorce in Wheat Ridge: You Can Do It, But Should You?

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2018 | Divorce |


It may be hard to believe, coming from someone who directly benefits from people hiring a Wheat Ridge or Arvada divorce attorney, but there are legitimate reasons why it’s better to hire representation instead of going it alone. Let’s look at some of those reasons and why it’s in your best interest to hire an experienced Jefferson County dissolution of marriage lawyer.

3 Reasons to Hire a Golden Divorce Attorney: Your Protection Should Be Your Top Priority

1. Family law is complicated – There are numerous laws regarding the details surrounding a divorce, including spousal maintenance, child support, child custody, and asset division. If you are not familiar with the laws and rules, you can easily make mistakes and make things worse. You need guidance during this time, especially since you are going through a major transition and have enough already on your plate.

2. It’s not easy to get modifications after the divorce is final – You may be working off the theory that if you agree to something and end up not liking it down the line, you can just go back and change it, but that is not an easy task. The Jefferson County Court will not address any motions to modify a divorce decree or child custody arrangement without good reason and it takes more effort, evidence, and resources to support any modifications.

3. Emotions run high during divorce – I think it’s pretty safe to say that no one is at their best and most logical when they are emotional. It’s often hard to remain objective in these situations, which means you may not make the best decisions. A family law lawyer can help you be objective, offering an expert third party opinion. They can help you understand which of your requests are reasonable and how to best achieve your goals.

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