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Recording Conversations with Your Former Spouse – A Good Idea? | Wheat Ridge Divorce Lawyer

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2018 | Divorce |


Recording a conversation, whether in person or over the phone, is legal in Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County, Colorado. This is because Colorado is a one party consent state, meaning only one of the people involved in the conversation needs to consent. Many people think that they can use recorded conversations with their ex to help bolster their divorce or child custody case. But, just because you can record all your conversations, doesn’t mean that you should. Let’s take a look at some different situations and how recording can help or hurt you in a divorce or child custody case.

Recording a Conversation with My Ex: What Can Go Wrong in Arvada and Golden

There are some issues that can arise from presenting recorded conversations (both audio and video) as evidence in a family law case. First of all, if your ex resides in another state, there may be different laws regarding consent and recordings. What may be legal in Arvada and Golden, may be illegal in another state. If that is not an issue, it can put you in a bad light with the court. The courts want to see parents effectively co-parenting, not working to gather dirt on the other to get what they want. Even if the recording shows the other parent not acting in the best interest of the children, the point may be moot as you may not come out in the best light either. You don’t want these things to backfire on you. It’s best if you do make these recordings, to present them to your experienced Arvada divorce lawyer and trust their judgement on whether it is appropriate to use in court.

When It is Helpful to Have Recordings in a Jefferson County Divorce and Child Custody Case

There are some circumstances where having a recording can help bolster your case or can be used for your protection. If you case goes to trial and your ex chooses to lie on the stand, having a recording to refute that lie can speak volumes to the court. Another instance where recordings have been helpful is to protect one party from false allegations. Having recordings of you picking up or dropping off your kids and interacting with your ex peacefully can protect you if you are accused of some sort of domestic violence or harassment.

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