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Wheat Ridge Divorce Attorney | Can My Divorce Records Be Sealed?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | Divorce |


When a person files a petition for divorce in Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County, those family court documents are public record. This means that if someone wanted to, they could review those records to see what transpired in your dissolution of marriage case. Sometimes, when a divorce includes significant assets or when one party holds a certain standing the community, they desire to keep their personal issues private. Sometimes, it is possible to seal this public record either in its entirety or in part and insure your privacy.

Sealing a Divorce Record: Put It on Your Lawyer’s Radar from the Start

It’s important to understand that a court might not seal the entirety of the case records. There may just be parts that will be removed from public view – like financial statements. Both parties usually must request that the court seal the records in order for the judge to agree. The request must be specific in what needs to be protected. Should you want to keep your divorce private, it is something you should address with your experienced Arvada family law attorney from the outset.

Reasons a Court Will Allow You to Seal Your Divorce Records in Arvada and Golden

There are some reasons why the Jefferson County Court will seal a record without a specific request. If there are allegations of child abuse against one parent, the court will usually seal the record to protect the child. Other abuse allegations, like domestic violence can be sealed for protections as well. The court may also hear business or financial arguments for sealing a divorce record. Your social security number or bank account information can be sealed. If information regarding a business is disclosed through the divorce and the information is confidential, the court may agree to seal that information.

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