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Jefferson County Divorce Lawyer | Can Salting Popcorn Lead to Divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2018 | Divorce |


I recently read a story about a movie theater incident that lead to a husband declaring his marriage to his wife is over. What caused such a declaration? Apparently, it was all over the salted popcorn. According to the report, the wife went to buy popcorn to snack on during the movie. After paying for it, she decided to put salt on it, even through her husband specifically told her not to. After she returned and he realized what she did, he angrily declared their marriage to be over. While this may seem like a comical example – ending a marriage over some salt on popcorn – it can be something small that is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. When someone is truly ready to end their marriage, it can sometimes be a tiny action that causes a major reaction.

Breaking It Down: How a Small Action Can Have Large Implications in Arvada

Obviously, there were issues with both the husband and the wife when it comes to this marriage referenced above. While I cannot speak to specifics, as I don’t know the couple personally or have any true insights into their lives, there are some things I see at face value, that are similar to what I hear from my clients. For the wife, it is a big red flag for me that she disregarded her husband’s feelings to do what she wanted. When one or both people in a relationship stop caring or considering the other’s feelings, it is usually a sign that things are in a bad place. Especially since she was actively choosing to do something he asked her not to. Now, she may have felt that his request ignored her feelings, as she may like to have salt on her popcorn, but honestly, the issue is far bigger than popcorn. It’s about a pattern of behaviors that have lead to hard feelings.

The Husband’s Explosive Reaction: Bottling Emotions

As far as the husband is concerned, his willingness to declare the marriage over after he realized the popcorn had salt on it shows that he may have been looking for an out. This is not typically an indiscretion that would cause a dissolution of a marriage. However, he started claiming that the wife had cheated on him and making other various accusations. It seemed that he had some pent-up frustrations and issues that were not addressed, and that small action related to the popcorn caused an explosion.

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