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Remarriage and Child Support – Will Getting Remarried Affect Child Support Payments in Wheat Ridge?

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After Wheat Ridge parents choose to split up, either through a divorce, legal separation, or a break-up, you likely have a court order regarding child support. Different than with alimony or spousal maintenance payment, remarriage will not likely change your child support situation. Whether you are the custodial parent receiving the child support payments or the non-custodial parent making the payments, the responsibility to your children remains the same. Unless the Jefferson County Court is presented with significant new information, the child support order will remain in effect until your children are adults, regardless of who else enters your life.

My Ex-Wife Is Getting Re-Married: Do I Still Have to Pay Child Support?

The purpose of child support is for both parents to equally care for their children. If one parent is taking on more time with the children, the other compensates financially because it is expensive to raise kids. If your ex-wife has decided to get re-married, this does not change your financial responsibility to your children. Even if you believe that your ex now has more money because of her new spouse, your responsibility remains the same. The court does not consider a new spouse’s income a mitigating factor for child support.

I’m Getting Remarried: Will My Child Support Payments Go Up Because My Household Will Have Two Incomes?

Similar to the fact that the Jefferson County Court will not lower someone’s child support payments because the custodial parent gets remarried, your child support payments will not go up because you have a second income coming in with a new spouse. Child support is calculated based solely on the paying parent’s income. It does not matter who else contributes to the household or how much they contribute. Your income alone is the only factor.

I’m Getting Remarried and We Are Having a Child: Can I Lower My Child Support Payment Because I Have This New Responsibility?

It’s rare that the court would lower your child support payments to your children because of the birth of a new child. Usually, the only time the court is willing to modify the child support payment is if your income has significantly changed, like you had to take a pay cut or get a new job with a lower salary.

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