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Wheat Ridge Divorce Attorney | What Are Automatic Temporary Injunctions in my Jefferson County Divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2018 | Divorce |


When divorce or legal separation proceedings begin in Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County, an automatic temporary injunction is a vital part. An automatic temporary injunction essentially outlines what a party is not allowed to do and what a party must do. It is basically a protection that is put in place. Basically, it is about keeping things status quo. Both parties are allowed to continue doing what they have historically been able to do and not do something new. For example, spending from any joint accounts: the parties can continue to spend money on the usual items like groceries and necessary home expenses, but cannot do something withdraw $10,000 from the account.

Automatic Temporary Injunctions in Arvada: When Are They Put in Place?

The automatic temporary injunction goes into effect when the divorce petition or petition for legal separation is filed with the Jefferson County Court signed by both parties, or when the petition is served on the other party. The automatic temporary injunction stays in place throughout the entirety of the pending divorce or legal separation, until it is officially ordered. Then the terms of the divorce or legal separation take over.

Purpose of a Littleton Automatic Temporary Injunction

Again, automatic temporary injunctions are about protections and judicial economy. Keeping things the same allows both parties to equally evaluate the situation and hopefully come to an amicable agreement. It gives each of the parties a sense of security and safety throughout the divorce proceedings, which are generally a stressful and emotionally charged time. It’s important these injunctions are followed to preserve the marital estate and the relationship between both parties.

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