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Temporary Orders in a Wheat Ridge Divorce | An Experienced Jefferson County Divorce Attorney Explains

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There are many issues to discuss and negotiate when a couple chooses to divorce in Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County. It takes time for those issues to be worked out, but when one party files the Petition for Divorce with the court, decisions must be made immediately to protect both parties. These immediate decisions are called Temporary Orders. They are orders from the judge that remain in place until the case is no longer pending and the divorce is finalized.

Who Initiates a Temporary Orders Hearing in a Golden Divorce?

When one party is filling out the petition for divorce, they are able to give initial requests regarding pressing issues. These requests become the subject of the Temporary Orders. The purpose of the orders is to allow both spouses and their children to continue to live in the manner they are accustomed to, even after the household is split. If there are any concerns about how amenable your former spouse will be maintaining your agreements, requesting a Temporary Orders hearing is probably a good idea. This will leave no room for manipulation – as the Jefferson County family court has issued an order, making it legally binding.

The Temporary Orders Hearing Process in Arvada

When one person requests Temporary Orders, a hearing is set where both parties can appear to make arguments. However, before a Temporary Orders hearing, both parties are required by law to attend a good faith settlement conference. If agreements can be reached at the meeting, then both parties and their legal counsel will sign and it is submitted to the court for approval. As long as the judge signs off, this agreement will trigger the court to vacate the hearing. If no agreement is made or the judge does not sign off on the agreement, the hearing for Temporary Orders is held.

Issues for Temporary Orders Hearing

The issues the court usually hears regarding Temporary Orders are any of the following:

  • Spousal maintenance / alimony
  • Child support
  • Child custody / visitation
  • Who lives in the marital home
  • Who uses which vehicle
  • Bill payments – including health insurance
  • Attorney fees
  • Any other immediate concerns or issues

Again, any determinations made through this hearing are temporary and are only applicable while the divorce is pending. As soon as the dissolution of marriage is finalized, permanent orders are entered and the temporary orders are dropped.

If you are getting divorced and think that Temporary Orders are necessary or just want guidance throughout the process, contact the Pearman Law Firm at 720-259-9528 for a initial phone consultation.

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