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Golden Divorce Attorney | What is Nesting and How Does it Relate to a Jefferson County Divorce?

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2018 | Divorce |


Often, when people here the term ‘nesting’ they think of a pregnant mother preparing the home for the arrival of a new baby. However, nesting is a term that can also apply to a divorcing or separating family. In the family law world, nesting is an arrangement made between separating parents in regards to sharing the family home. The goal for nesting is generally to keep things as stable as possible for the children, especially during this time of change.

How Does Nesting Work in a Wheat Ridge Divorce with Kids?

Because the goal with nesting is to minimize the disruption to a child’s life during a Wheat Ridge divorce, the children remaining living in the home full time. A schedule is created where the parents take turns living in the home with the kids. Both parents get separate residences outside the home, which is where they reside when it is the other parent’s turn to be in the home. A new TV show called Splitting Up Together demonstrates a variation of nesting – where one parent lives in the home with the kids and the other stays in the garage apartment. They switch back and forth depending on whose week it is with the children. Now, for this TV family, it works for them to still reside close and to share the second residence, but this isn’t generally the case with divorcing couples participating in nesting.

Co-Parenting Must Be the #1 Priority for Nesting to Work in Arvada

Nesting is most successful when parents can put aside any negative feelings related to the divorce when co-parenting. Any contention should be set aside when discussing matters related to the children, their schedules, and other household arrangement issues. Leave the divorce negotiations to your experienced Arvada family law attorney. If you feel that you and your spouse can effectively communicate regarding the children and the home and set aside everything else – then nesting may be a great choice for you and especially your kids. Communication, respect, and trust is key when it comes to nesting. You and your estranged spouse need to be very specific in discussing how everything is going to work. If you cannot establish those lines of effective communication or trust, then nesting likely won’t be successful or a positive and helpful experience for your children.

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