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Arvada Divorce Attorney | Divorce Deposition: What Is It and How Do I Prepare?

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2018 | Divorce |


Though not all divorce cases in Arvada and Wheat Ridge require a deposition, it can be necessary for some. A deposition is when each party involved in the divorce gives testimony and answers questions. These depositions usually do not take place in the courtroom, but the procedures are similar – the person giving the testimony is sworn in and advised to tell the truth. Depositions are recorded and the statements made can be used in front of a judge at a later time if the case requires it.

Divorce Depositions in Wheat Ridge: Stay on Topic

A deposition is like an interview. It is in the question and answer format, where one attorney will ask you the question and you are required to answer honestly. The best advice I can give my clients going in to a deposition is to stay on topic and answer only what is asked. Yes, you are required to tell the truth – but, you don’t need to provide any more information than what is asked. Try and remember that it is a formal proceeding and the purpose is for the other side to get information that may be used to counter your arguments at a later date.

Jefferson County Divorce Lawyer: Preparing for the Divorce Deposition

Preparing for your deposition is an important step, as you don’t want to go into feeling nervous and unsure about how everything with be handled. This is especially true if you are emotional or uncomfortable about certain topics that will be discussed during the deposition. If you have an experienced Jefferson County divorce lawyer, like those at the Pearman Law Firm, you should get guidance with this. You attorney should help you prepare for what to expect as far as the procedures go, along with what questions and topics will be covered. When you feel confident that you know the facts of the case, answering the questions will not be a problem.

Practice for Your Deposition

They say practice makes perfect, and this saying rings true with depositions as well. You and your attorney will likely know the types of questions that will be asked beforehand. Your attorney should practice asking you these questions, so you feel comfortable and are able to practice answering them. Then you can get feedback from your attorney to make sure you have a successful interaction. Practicing also gives you some peace of mind, which is invaluable.

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