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Ways to Save Money on Your Jefferson County Divorce | Expert Arvada Family Law Attorney Advice

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2018 | Divorce |



The costs involved with an Arvada or Jefferson County divorce vary depending on the complexities involved with the case. Obviously, the more complex the case, the more expensive the divorce will be. Divorce can be broken down into three major parts:

1. Temporary Orders and Initial Filing

2. Mediation, Investigation, and Discovery

3. Final Divorce Orders

The third part is the MOST important part. These orders can affect the rest of your life, so you want to make sure that this is the part you are investing the majority of your money into. Sometimes, the first two steps help get you to where you want to be with the final part, but not always. Let’s look at some things that you and your former spouse can do to alleviate your need for a costly divorce.

Work Together to Eliminate the Need for Temporary Orders: Keep the Finances Status Quo

While your divorce is pending, your mortgage or rent must still be paid. You still need food for your children and gas for your car. Since you are technically still married to your spouse, why not keep the financial situation the same until the divorce is finalized? Your attorney will only need to file Temporary Orders if one spouse cuts the other off. Then there is a need for a judge to order child support and spousal support while the divorce is pending. If the spouses can work it out where things stay generally the same with the finances, there is no need to draft up, file, and appear at a hearing for temporary orders, which will save you money.

Stay Financially Honest: Don’t Cut Your Spouse Off from the Financial Information

Sometimes, when spouses choose to divorce, for protection, one spouse will change the passwords and remove the other from having access to the financial accounts. This causes the other spouse to worry that they are being lied to or that assets are being hidden. This can cause the discovery and investigation portion of the divorce to drag on and become very costly for both sides. Again, if you can work it out where both parties can see what is happening with the finances then there will be fewer questions or worries regarding the information presented.

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