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Wheat Ridge Divorce Lawyer | What is Included in a Sworn Financial Statement?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2019 | Divorce |


During the divorce process in Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County, a sworn financial statement is a necessary part of the process. This document provides information to the court about both parties’ incomes, debts, assets, and expenses. It provides the framework of the financial decisions made during the divorce. The Sworn Financial Statement must be notarized and filed by the deadline with the Jefferson County Court. Lying or hiding anything in this disclosure can have serious penalties, including possible criminal charges.

What Information is Included in a Sworn Financial Statement for an Arvada Divorce?

The Sworn Financial Statement begins with asking about employment and your pay schedule. You can also provide what you believe the other party’s income is. Then, you will fill in multiple charts that outline:

· your monthly income

· monthly deductions

· monthly expenses, and

· debts

Then there is a summary sections, where you use the totals from the previous charts to summarize your monthly income and expenses. The next section of the Sworn Financial Statement details your assets, including:

· real estate

· motor vehicle

· recreation vehicles

· cash and bank accounts

· life insurance

· furniture and other personal property

· stocks, bonds, and investment accounts

· pension and retirement funds, and

· miscellaneous assets

The final step is to complete the verification, declaring that everything included in the Sworn Financial Statement is true and correct. To see a copy of the Sworn Financial Statement, click here.

Why You Should Have an Experienced Family Law Attorney for your Divorce

Filling out your Sworn Financial Statement can be a daunting task. It is often overwhelming to try and compile all the necessary information. This is where a great divorce or child support attorney can come into play. They can help get you through the process – giving you the guidance you need and making sure you are not putting yourself at risk when filing the Sworn Financial Statement.

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