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Divorce Attorney Near Me in Mountain View | When Kids Play One Parent Against the Other

by | Nov 26, 2019 | Divorce |

Here are some tips for co-parenting after a divorce or legal separation.

Splitting up a family whether through divorce or legal separation is difficult for all parties involved. Everyone is looking for a new normal. As a newly single parent, you may be finding that it’s difficult to navigate this new situation. Sometimes, kids will see an opportunity to take advantage of this. It’s important that you watch for signs that your children are trying to play one parent against the other.

Arvada Child Custody Lawyer: Setting House Rules as a Single Parent

The first step to making sure your child is not manipulating you is to set the rules for your house. Make it clear that these are the rules for your house and it’s ok if they have different rules at their other parent’s home. However, that doesn’t change your rules. This will immediately draw a line where your kids will know that saying something like, “But dad let’s us watch TV on a school night” or “But we are allowed to play video games before bed at mom’s house” will not change what’s expected at your home.

Working with Your Co-Parent to Create House Rules that Span Both Houses

Sometimes, when co-parents are on good terms, they are willing to work together to create house rules that apply to both homes. This is a great way to keep things stable for your kids and give them a sense of security because they know what to expect no matter where they are staying or who they are staying with. If both parents can agree on a curfew time for your teenager, then your kiddo can’t come home a say that they were confused because mom/dad lets them stay out later.

Adjusting to a New Normal: Single Parenting After an Arvada Divorce

It’s important to remember that your children are adjusting to this new life of living in two households. While you want to be firm in sticking with your rules, you should still be understanding when your kids try to push the limits. Be sure that you are reassuring your child that things will be ok and give warnings to help them adjust.

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