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Estate Planning Attorney Near Me in Arvada | Important Things to Share Regarding Your Estate Plan

by | Nov 14, 2019 | Estate Planning |

Wondering what you should share about your estate plan? Click here to read the four important things you should tell others about your estate plan.

When it comes to estate planning, people often see it as a very private matter. While this is absolutely true and you are by no means required to share, there are some pieces of information that should be shared in order to make things go smoothly when the estate plan comes into play. Let’s take a look at the list of important information to share regarding your estate plan.

Four Important Things You Should Tell Someone Regarding Your Estate Plan in Golden

1. You should tell someone you trust that you have an estate plan.

This way, if something happens, your loved ones are not left wondering if you have anything in place to express your wishes. This is especially important when it comes to your advanced health care directive. Often, these come into play unexpectedly, so in any emergency situation, you want all your ducks in a row.

2. You should tell someone where the estate planning documents are located.

Again, in case something happens, you want someone who will be informed of the situation to know where the estate planning documents are and who can access them/ how they can be accessed.

3. You should tell someone who is your chosen executor

It’s important to tell the person that you have chosen as executor that they will be taking on that role when the time comes. We also suggest that you tell another close family member, so they have a name and know who to contact regarding your estate. You may also want to provide your estate planning attorney’s name if any issues arise.

4. You should tell someone your wishes for your funeral

You should let others know your wishes regarding burial or cremation, organ donation, and any specific funeral wishes ahead of time. This way, someone knows what you wanted in case getting estate planning documents takes a little time.

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