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Mountain View Child Support Attorney | The Importance of Understanding Your Child Support Order

by | Nov 25, 2019 | child support |

Read more about child support payments and how those payments are to be applied in Jefferson County, Colorado.

Child support is how a non-custodial parent contributes to the expenses of the children. In Mountain View and Wheat Ridge, child support is determined through a court order. Sometimes this order is issued through a divorce case and other times it is through a specific child support case. When a court orders one parent to pay child support, they are required to pay at least the amount the judge has determined to be appropriate.

Child Support Lawyer in Wheat Ridge: How is My Child Support Payment Being Used?

Sometimes the paying party has questions about how the child support money is used. Child support payments are supposed to help pay for the child’s needs. So, the money can go towards groceries, school supplies, medical expenses, extracurricular activities, housing, and utilities. It can be confusing, seeing as using child support money to pay the rent or utilities is not just for the kids, but also for anyone else in the home, like the former spouse or a new boyfriend/girlfriend. However, it is vital for your kids to have a safe place to live and housing is a basic need, so child support can go towards that expense.

How Are Child Support Payments Made in Jefferson County?

Child support payments can be made in various ways. To voluntarily make these payments, you will want to make sure you are getting the full amount owed to the other parent on time. Failure to do so may result in the court getting involved and having your wages garnished. Another important thing to consider is making your payments in a way that is trackable, like a check or money order. Simply giving cash to the other parent leaves you vulnerable if you have no way to prove that the payment was made. If your wage is being garnished, it means that the child support payment is automatically taken from your paycheck and deposited into the account of custodial parent. If there are other expenses that come up, where you are giving additional money to help cover the cost of something, again, you should make sure that you have record of the payments made and what they were supposed to go toward.

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