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Is my marriage troubled?

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2019 | Firm News |

Marital issues are common; what’s more important is how these issues are handled. All relationships are subject to ups and downs, but marriages in trouble are afflicted with deeper issues. Just because a couple experiences these issues doesn’t necessarily mean that their marriage will end in divorce. However, if you recognize a great number of these signs in your relationship, it’s time to sit down and have a frank discussion with your spouse. 

Teasing takes on a new level 

Healthy couples partake in banter and in-jokes. In fact, it’s common for married people to make jokes to each other that they would never make to others, such as friends and family. When a marriage is in trouble, healthy teasing between people who love each other may take a sinister turn. One or both spouses may be releasing pent up frustrations about other unresolved marital issues. In this case, what was once loving behavior has now turned hurtful. 

Arguments are always on the same topics 

Arguments are also common in marriage. The key is that matters are settled civilly in a way that both parties feel satisfied. Having the same arguments all the time signals that these matters are unable to be resolved. This is extremely frustrating for both people, with one spouse feeling nagged while the other spouse feels ignored. 

Infidelity is an issue 

When a marriage is on the rocks, one or both spouses may seek romantic pursuits outside of the relationship. Affairs can be conducted in real life or online, with online infidelity becoming a rising concern for married couples these days. While it is possible to bounce back from infidelity, especially if it was an isolated incident, it can be hard to rebuild trust after repeated affairs. In this case, a divorce is likely to be on the horizon.