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Jefferson County Divorce Lawyer | Divorce and the Only Child

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2019 | Divorce |

Read more about some common issues for those getting divorced with only one child and how an experienced divorce attorney can help.

While divorce in Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County can be difficult for children, it can be especially tough for only children. While kids with siblings have each other to rely on while going through these life changes, only children often face these challenges alone. This can sometimes make the transition more difficult.

Issues for Only Children During a Wheat Ridge Divorce

For only kids in Wheat Ridge, parents splitting up can make them feel like their world is falling apart. The only two people they have consistently relied on are changing everything they know. This can cause behavioral issues at home and at school. It may cause them to have trouble focusing because they are so distracted by what’s happening at home. They can also feel lonely through this process. When a child feels like things at home are unsettled, they often rely on their siblings because they are going through the same thing. When a kid goes to stay the night at a new home for the first time, their may be some feelings of anxiousness involved. It can be comforting to have a sibling with them – someone who goes back and forth between the homes with them. Only children don’t have that companion to travel back and forth with. This can feel isolating and lonely for the child.

Tips for Getting a Divorce with an Only Child in Arvada

The best thing that Arvada parents can do when they are getting divorced and only have one child is to get a parenting plan implemented as soon as possible. This can help to establish a routine for the child. Once a routine is implemented, it can help to assuage the uncertainty, fear, and loneliness that an only child can feel when they are first going through the transition. Another important thing to do is to make sure that you are checking in with your child and talk with them about how they are feeling. It may be helpful to have the child see a therapist or counselor to make sure they have a safe place to process these life changes.

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