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Estate Planning Attorney in Golden | Keeping Your Choice of Guardian Out of Dispute

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2020 | Estate Planning |

While estate planning in Golden and Jefferson County, Colorado, there are many different decisions you will have to make. One of the most important decision is regarding your choice of guardian to care for your children should something happen to you while they are still minors. You may have exactly the right person or people in mind, but that doesn’t mean that everyone will agree. Let’s look at some common reasons why someone may criticize your choice in guardian and the steps you can take to avoid any future disputes.

Reasons Someone May Take Legal Action Regarding Choice of Guardian in Wheat Ridge

Sometimes, someone will feel wronged because they were not chosen as the guardian. They may argue that the chosen guardians are too old, too young, or just not appropriate for the situation. They could even take the issue to the court if they feel strongly enough about their protest. Unfortunately, money can be another issue for why someone may disagree with a chosen guardian. If you have established a trust leaving a significant amount of money for your children to be managed by the guardian, someone may want to get access to those funds.

Questions About Guardian Choice: What Can Be Done in Arvada?

It’s easy to forget that, while you may have a well-thought out decision, others may react emotionally. To prepare for any emotional reactions that may question your decision, you can work with your estate planning attorney to draft a letter addressing why you chose the guardians you chose, who else you considered, and why they were not chosen. This is not a letter that will be distributed, but can be presented to the court should someone question your choice of guardian. This letter should be notarized and stored with your other estate documents, only to be used if necessary. This letter will basically be giving the court your testimony as to why you made your decision allow a final say in the process.

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